Igor Gassmann

Hey Stir, I’m Igor Gassmann.

I‘m a Product and DevOps Engineer. During the last 3 years, I’ve worked in startups in the creator space. At first, at LBRY. A startup that helps creators own and sell their content by having it published on a blockchain. Sometime later, I co-founded Odeon. A video platform that lets creators bundle their subscription offering with other creators. We worked relentlessly full-time for almost three years with creators on our side.

I want to work alongside people that are passionate about resolving problems for creators and that really understand them. I believe there's still a lot to be built in the creator space to satisfy the growing needs of creators and Stir is leading the way with its team and mission-driven approach.

Projects I have worked on.

  • Odeon | Video Platform

  • LBRY | Electron App

  • Personal Website | Next.js Website

    Personal Website
  • Node.js API | API Architecture

    Node.js API

This website uses Stir's tech stack and aims to match its coding style. It was based upon the old Stir's landing page and it's publicly available on GitHub to be reviewed.

#nextjs #vercel #styled-components #animate-css

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